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marble, pvc foil, mattress upholstery/headboard, Powerade, Gatorade, Monster Energy Drink, Mountain Dew, transparent hoses, aquarium, submersion pump, aquarium crystal LED light, immersion heater, earphones

(300 x 200 x 35 cm)

An array of flavored energy drinks are pumped sequentially through a wall-mounted mattress. The fluids continuously circulate through an embedded system of rubber hosing. There is a conceptual energy-transfer between the promoted drinks and the bodily object which can be understood as the placeholder for a person in search of the means to fight their own lethargy and inertia. When an individual is bed-ridden due to depression, a deficiency of energetic motivation grows and relations to the outside world are depleted. There is a conflict between the deep wish to communicate with others and the lack of stamina and positive mental space to do so. Since the energy resources from the outside world can no longer be gained from personal interactions they must be gathered from a substitute, such as these commercial elixirs providing synthetic fuel for the body.

Flavors are drained and replaced on a daily basis.